Moving Accessories

  • Nature Rubber Base Tape 72 Rolls @ $2.80 each

    Premium Clear packaging tape. Heavy duty 45 micron Natural rubber adhesive has initial grab and sticks well to boxes with high recycles Good Problem solver tape in situations where other tapes won’t stick or lift after. Perfect for Industrial or Residential use. 75 meter long, 48mm wide. Adheres to a variety of surfaces.

    $201.60 inc GST
  • Packing Paper 30kg

    Plain white sheets of paper, Great added protection for fragile items or as drop sheets to keep the floor clean. Ideal for large packing jobs, wrapping individual items or just scrunch-up the paper to fill voids and pad the top and bottom of boxes when packing. Each sheet is 680mm Wide and 810mm Long.

    $95.00 inc GST
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